Welcome and thank you for stopping by! This is where I share my journey towards a healthy and happy life. I enjoy the outdoors, love to travel and take comfort in discovering and creating delicious food that’s right for me and my family. The first step is learning to love and respect the earth that we live in by minimizing the impact our daily lives has on the environment: recycle, reuse and compost. 


Next, take care of yourself.  You need to be healthy and happy in order to have the strength and energy to take care of others. I strive to look at the big picture and not sweat about the small things and imperfections. I work hard and I leave time to travel and enjoy things that I want to do.

This journey is not easy and along the way I’m happy to say that my children are more conscientious about what they eat and use, read the labels and have the habits of recycling. I am by no means perfect in practicing this lifestyle. However, through my blog, I hope to share these stories with you. Hopefully you will find some inspiration and join me in this journey of discovery, living responsibly and sustaining a healthy and happy life.

Copyright policy: © Nourished Journeys 2017. All writing, photography, and opinions are mine unless otherwise stated. All original content is copyright Irene Foo of Nourished Journeys. Please contact me for use.


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